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About Us

Philip Hniat Plumbing specialises in Eco-friendly Solar Hot Water and Backflow water systems, as well as, offering skills and expert knowledge in General Plumbing.

About Philip Hniat

Philip has been plumbing for 41 years and running his own business for 34 years. He is passionate about the environment and as a result has developed his work with a focus on solar hot water systems and Backflow Prevention to safe guard our potable water supply.


Philip’s Experience & Specialised Expertise

Philip commenced his Plumbing Apprenticeship in 1978 with the Tasmanian Housing Department. He was successful in achieving many awards throughout his training including ‘Australian Apprentice of the Year’ in 1981.

In 1989 Philip was successful in winning the Hobart Technical Travelling Scholarship which enabled him to travel to the USA and study Backflow Prevention. Philip studied extensively at the University of Florida Center for Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations and also at the University of Southern California, Foundation of Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research. He was then able to return to Sydney and help deliver the first training on Backflow Prevention to the plumbing community in 1990.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

We’re here to provide you, your family or your business with worry free solar hot water. Whether it is a single bedroom studio apartment, a multi storey commercial office building, or a luxurious new home build on the beach, Apricus can provide a hot water solution to suit you.



General Plumbing

Philip Hniat is a proud member of the Master Plumbers’ Association of Tasmania. The MPA monitor the plumbing industry in Tasmania and provide up to date training for its members.



Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention refers to the stoppage of an unwanted reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source into the drinking water supply. Backflow prevention valves are installed in all water systems to prevent the chance of contaminated water finding its way back into …


Philip Hniat Plumbing offers the following Services

  • Apricus Solar Water

  • Residential Hot Water

  • Commercial Hot Water

  • General Plumbing Expertise

  • Expert Knowledge

  • Certified Training and Experience

  • Backflow Prevention

  • Specialised Backflow Customization

  • Professional study in Backflow Systems

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What Some of Our Customers Say

We were are so pleased with the water and with all the effort that you went to for us. The system is fabulous… Thanks so much, Phil.
Alex, South Hobart
Thanks for the information and advice about the Apricus system. It has definitely made me rethink getting one for our new house.
Claire, South Hobart
You are a first rate tradesman and your workmanship is of the highest standard, needless to say we are extremely pleased.
Steve, Lenah Valley